Maintenance Liability Waiver
Silver & Platinum packages only

 It is understood by _____________________________________ (name) that as diligent as Absolute Pool & Spa Services may be at helping to maintain the water quality of your  spa, it is impossible to guarantee safe sanitized water much beyond a few days after our last visit. It is therefore essential that you periodically check your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) levels every few days, especially after heavier or lighter than normal use. Remember, we take care of all other tests, chemical balances and maintenance, depending on the program you have chosen.

For your application we recommend you try keep the sanitizer levels between ___________ parts per million (ppm).  If you are unsure how to accomplish this or require assistance, simply let us know. We will gladly, consult you (as frequently as required or requested at no charge with a 6 month prepaid maintenance program) as to the simplest most effective way to maintain your sanitizer levels for your particular application and chemical program.

 We canít stress enough if there are any problems, questions or concerns with your water quality or (_________________Cl/Br) sanitizer test results, you must discontinue use of the pool and or spa and contact us promptly for a quick solution to the situation. We have your best interests at heart. If we donít come in at least once per week, we canít make any promises or guarantees.

You agree that no responsibility will be taken by Absolute Pool & Spa Services for any reason in regards to your maintenance program. We are simply here to oversee your current chemical program and do the dirty work for you.

Pre-Authorized to supply basic chemicals customer may require.   YES / NO

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